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Welcome to Nant Awen

Nant Awen Romantic Getaways is a small and personal business run by me, Siwan, my husband Jake and the help of our two small children and labrador Buffy, in the quiet rural village of Carno.


Ty Hamon house itself was built as a "one up one down" stone cottage up in the Cledan valley in the 1700's, and upon closer inspection of local documents it was discovered that a niece of my great grandmother moved to the house with her husband in the early 1900's. Small world, eh?

The house is part of a small holding, a haven in its own valley cut through the middle by the mountain stream the Afon Cledan that joins the Afon Carno a tributary to the River Severn.

The land is now lazily maintained by the family horses and a few mischievous sheep who seem to be permanently plotting their escape.  

The river tumbles down through a narrow valley shaded by trees that provide habitat to wildlife of all shapes and sizes finally emerging in front of the buildings to provide a relaxing back drop to your stay and us with the inspiration for our business name

Nant translates to "stream" or brook, and Awen  is the Welsh for "muse". 


After living in Cardiff for some years after University, I decided enough was enough and it was time to bring my Cardiff bred boyfriend back to the family farm in Mid Wales for some fresh air. We bought and moved into the small holding and farm cottage Ty Hamon, the farmstead included three outbuildings that we then developed into Nant Awen Romantic Getaways.

When we first appeared on the scene here the outbuildings were in need of some quite significant care and attention, the chapel had already suffered a fire and some subsidence and the stable was being used as a garage and a workshop. Nant Awen is the result of a great family effort and we're both lucky to have enthusiastic and supportive families that played an invaluable role in the success of the redesign and development of the property.


If you want to see more of the process in developing Nant Awen you can view the blog here, we also have a facebook instagram and twitter page where you can keep up to date on our latest news and any offers we may have running.

Self catering holiday accommodation has become something of a family affair as my mother, Sarah owns and runs her own business just half a mile down the lane from our property. Dwr Y Felin Log Cabins is a secluded retreat perfect for families and couples looking for some luxury quality time together. You can find her website by clicking on the link below, or you can follow her on facebook here.

Dwr Y Felin Log Cabins

For any further enquiries into staying here at Nant Awen or if you have any questions regarding the houses and surrounding area please do not hesitate to contact me either by email or directly by phone.

We look forward to hearing from you soon,


Siwan, Jake, Mabli, Eirug and Buffy

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