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COVID 19 Response

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

In case you hadn't heard, there's a little bit of a global pandemic going on. With the movement restrictions lifting those of you looking to squirrel away in the middle of nowhere after being squirrelled away in your homes for the last three months, a cottage in the middle of rural Mid Wales is a nice haven.

Not one to take things lying down, we are making a few little changes here and there in an effort to keep ourselves and our guests safe in preparation for the new opening date (13th July)

I will no longer be greeting guests in person upon arrival which, honestly, really is your loss.

Instead I will be placing the key in an available place for you to pick up once you have given me an indication of your arrival time and the new and improved "Before your stay" welcome information will have a thorough debrief of (hopefully) everything you need to know whilst staying in Y Stabl or Y Capel

Changeovers will likely take a little bit longer than usual as I will be taking additional care in the deep cleaning of both cottages on top of my usual thorough cleaning regimen. This will have and impact on the early/late arrival/departure options that we offer.

The option for early arrival is now 2pm and late departure 10.30am

(£25 fee for early arrival/late departure, and these options may not always be available)

Hot tubs will be emptied and refilled between each guest.

This may sometimes require the hot tub to be filled on the day of your arrival in which case it may not be "to temperature" until later that evening.

As always bed linen is provided for your stay however towels will no longer be provided.

I also now ask that guests strip the bed and place linen in the laundry bag provided before departure. Not the most glamorous way to finish off your holiday perhaps but as a virus transmitted significantly by airborne particles you'll be keeping me safe by that one small action of packing your used bed linen away yourself. (Thank you)

PPE - Don't forget to pack your masks, disposable gloves, 80% alcohol hand sanitiser, anti-viral hand wipes and disinfectant surface wipes to keep yourselves safe here and while out and about.

If any guest begins to feel unwell during the stay I would ask that you return home immediately in order to self isolate at your primary residence.

If you are too unwell to drive yourself home then I ask that you make arrangements for safe transport home at the earliest convenience.

As we live on site we will be trying to maintain social distancing rules (2m in Wales) and ask that all guests make an effort to do the same.

Cannot say the same for Buffy though, she is a law unto herself.

If you have any questions regarding a potential booking, please don't hesitate to get in touch via email or phone or a contact form on the website and as always, stay safe.


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