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Another 3 things- Getting Cosy

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

It's 2020 and we've had the longest April ever so I'm not quite sure how it's the first of September, but here we are.

The first of September is the beginning of Autumn, and you know what that means? Cosy aesthetic, the Pinterest and Instagram dream and who am I to deny my guests of any possible opportunity to get some serious feed content down.

So here we are with my top 3 on how to make the most of an Autumn spent in Mid Wales.

Keeping it LIT

Let's stay close to home first: why travel when you can get some perfectly good "cosy vibes" from the comfort of your own cottage?

Both Y Capel and Y Stabl have log burners and a complimentary basket of logs to kick start your stay, making it the ideal place to snuggle down, maybe even with a specifically spiced hot drink (hint: it's pumpkin. Pumpkin spiced) and a good book (or blog)

Top tip for once you've got the wood burner lit is to close the vents down just so, then you'll have a nice slow burn -like all the best romance stories- to last all evening without it getting too hot to laze about comfortably.

I can't beleaf it's already Autumn

Looking for something a little more outdoorsy when it comes to your aesthetic?

I got you, buddy.

Apart from that specifically branded latte, one of the things that always springs to mind whenever Autumn is mentioned is the turning leaves and pretty colour display that our deciduous UK woodlands provide.

By following the river just a little ways upstream from Nant Awen the changing trees makes for quite an impressive mix of Autumnal colours, not to mention the leaf litter that makes everything feel decidedly seasonal (#aesthetic)

A little stroll along the river is a lovely opportunity to take a breath and relax, and if you're lucky you might even be able to catch a photo opportunity as good looking as Buffy.

Although not everyone can be that photogenic, eh?

Good Gourd its time to mention pumpkins!

Although I can't really guarantee anything these days -2020 has been quite a ride- usually this time of year thoughts start straying towards our favourite squash that we never eat.

A drive out to Llynclys Farm Shop and you can pick your own pumpkins out in the field, or rummage around the yard through the mountains (I'm fully serious. Mountains) of various pumpkins that you can take home to carve or just display artistically around some candles.


I always think that Autumn is nature winding itself down ready to take a well deserved nap for winter, and after the summer of 2020 we could all probably do with a small moment to ourselves to just breathe and relax (nap).

Hopefully some of those small moments can be spent here, at Nant Awen.

Let me know where you've been and what you've seen that really got you in that cwtchy cosy Autumn mood while staying in Mid Wales!

No. I do not have one single regret for any of the puns.

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